Suzuki Swift specifications and prices in Pakistan

Some details about newly introduced Suzuki Swift in Pakistan


The new Suzuki Swift is a compact car that’s based on a fresh approach to design and development, delivers a driver and passenger experience that’s aimed at placing it in a class of its win, and has true worldwide appeal. It is the beginning of Suzuki’s new world-strategy.
The new Swift embodies a new, globally oriented approach to Suzuki car-making.From the very beginning of the new Swift’s development programme, a dedicated team of Suzuki designers and engineers collaborated extensively with European automotive professionals and ordinary motoring enthusiasts in pursuit of Suzuki’s best compact car ever.
But the new Suzuki Swift is not merely a European-inspired compact car built to Suzuki standards; it’s a whole new departure in Suzuki design; one that embodies the unique DNA of a company whose success as a compact-car developer is paralleled by a position as the world’s top motorcycle brand.
The new Swift is more eye-catching, more spacious, more refined, more user-friendly, and a whole lot more enjoyable to drive than anything else in the compact-car category. And it gives an exciting glimpse of the new ideas and design approaches that will shape Suzuki models in years to come


Model name


Body Type



Petrol    Diesel

1.3L        1.5L VVT               1.3L DDiS

Drive system


Number of doors



Overall length    mm        3,760

Overall width     mm        1,690

Overall height    mm        1,500

Wheelbase         mm        2,380

Tread    Front     mm        1,470 / 1,480

Rear       mm

Minimum turning radius               m            4.7

Minimum ground learance          mm        140


Seating capacity                persons                4(3-door), 5(5-door)

Fuel tank capacity            litres      45



M13A(1,328)      M15A VVT (1,490)            D13A(1,248)

Valve arrangement

DOHC-16V           DOHC-16V           DOHC-16V

Maximum output            kW/rpm               68 / 5,800             75 / 5,900             55 / 4,000

Maximum torque            N・m/rpm         116 / 4,200          133 / 4,100          190 / 1,750-2,250

Fuel distribution

Multipoint injection        Direct injection



5MT/automated MT       5MT/4AT             5MT



Ventilated disc


Drum, leading & trailing


MacPherson strut & coil spring


Torsion beam & coil spring


165 / 70R14

185 / 60R15         185 / 60R15         165 / 70R14

185 / 60R15


Kerb weight M/T (min.)/(with full options)          kg           3D: 970 / 1,030

5D: 980 / 1,050   3D: 980 / 1,040

5D: 1,000 / 1,060               3D: 1,045 / 1,105

5D: 1,065 / 1,125

Kerb weight A/T (min.)/(with full options)            kg           3D: 980 / 1,040

5D: 1,000 / 1,060               3D: 1,000 / 1,060

5D: 1,020 / 1,080               –

Gross vehicle weight      kg           1485       1,525

Price in Pakistan

Price Including Sales Tax w.e.f. August 01, 2018

IdentificationPriceExtended Warranty
Swift Auto NaviRs. 1611000/-*Starting from Rs. 7,900/-More Details
Swift 1.3 DLX NaviRs. 1,475,000/-*
Note : * Add Rs. 50,000/- being advance income tax for filer


* Add Rs. 100,000/- being advance income tax for non-filer

Source: Suzuki Global/Suzuki Pakistan

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  1. Keeping in view of 1300cc car, Rs. 10,00,000/= is quit reasonable but Suzuki brand always refer as economic price range car, those who can buy Rs. 10,00,000/= worth of car they might be consider to add up some more money and prefer to buy Honda or Toyota. The Suzuki Swift realistic price should be with in the range of 800,000/= to 850,000/=


  2. i’ll agree with the rest dat the price iz too high…..swift should also b available in 1000cc model. can anybody tell me watz the price of vitz?

  3. the price is definitely not appropriate for a Suzuki a small car with no trunk space should not exceed over 6.50 to 7 lakhs at the max.
    it has no comparison with hondas and Toyotas as they expected it to be.

  4. Really shamefull price of suzuki brand, all pakistanis should not opt for this car plzzzzzz,
    how much they will increase the rates, if they say that “due to low demand we have to increase rates” then see the results.

  5. i think price of this car shd not be more than 5,50,000Rs….. other wise one has a better option of buying vitzzzzzzzz which is 10000000000 times better than suzuki….. KITNA BEWAKUF BANA KR PAKI AWAAM KO LUTO GAY ZAAALIMO…..KUCH SHARAM KARO

  6. The price of this car is too much high…. I think we can buy a very good condition CIVIC HONDA of this price.

    The price of this car must not be more than Rs.700,000.

  7. It’s ridiculous ..
    Why would I buy a 1 million car without even resonable boot space.
    Is Suzuki nuts…
    They are competing with a market of second hand corollas and hondas in that
    price range…. And those too in v good condition considering the price…
    I don’t think any one but some ladla kids of rich parents have an apeal for that car…
    Especially considering the price..

    1. yeah i do agree with viki………..why would i pay 1 million to buy suzuki……..i can easily buy a reborn or an oriel in this price range in a good condition…… is honda and brand does matter…..

    2. @viki….ist thing is that 5 years old cars can never match with a brand new cars,(No matter if it is driven in japan or Paristan). 2nd no doubt that imported cars are available in our country but no spares availabale except for Vitz and the people buy old spares for a very expensive price almost 10 times as compared to new part of local assembled cars.One another thing i noticed in a few cars is very bad smell, it seems that most cars now available in the market are struck by sonami,this the reason prices of imported cars are reducing now and we can see long que of imported cars in the market and very few buyers… advise to all is never buy an imported car.

  8. Suzuki launches new model of Swift
    Pak Suzuki Motor Company, a leading car manufacturer in Pakistan with the largest market share, launched its new model ‘Swift’ on Thursday.

    The new Swift is the epitome of success as it has won 98 awards in 25 countries around the globe. More than 1.5 million units have been sold so far.

    Swift is the first and foremost hatchback car in Pakistan with powerful 1.3L MPI Engine. It has ABS with electronic brake distribution (EBD), 15 inches alloy wheels, central locking system, electronic power steering, immobiliser, luxurious interior and above all a dynamic exterior that makes it an ideal car.

    In short the new Swift is ‘fun to ride, pleasure to drive and pride of ownership’.

    Pak Suzuki over the years has consistently invested in foreign direct investment and made all efforts to fulfil the motoring needs of Pakistani people. In keeping up with the tradition, Pak Suzuki feels proud to launch the internationally acclaimed car.

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