Dec 182011

By Mohsin Khan

KARACHI: Local automotive companies are likely to increase car prices in coming days on surging cost of production by uncontrolled utility expenses and depreciation of Pakistani currency against dollar and Japanese currency.
Sources in the market said the Suzuki and Honda carmakers are likely to jack up prices of their brands.
They said Suzuki and Honda were facing a recent increase of Rs 14,000 to 159,000 or 2.1 to 3.5 percent in the price of their car brands in the month of October.
Recently, Indus Motor Company (IMC) soared its automobiles prices by 1.5 percent on the same account. Continue reading »

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Dec 182011

 (The News report)

By Tariq Butt
The talented sons and daughters of political heavyweights are bracing up to find their niche in Pakistan’s political landscape with some currently playing a supporting role, often forced to defend the deeds or misdeeds of their illustrious fathers in the murky political arena.

Their growing political ascendance is basically because of their hereditary politics in South Asia. They are relishing the official patronage that their elders have at their disposal to offer; are ensconced in the commanding power corridors like the presidency, the prime minister’s house or chief minister house; and are enjoying the protocol and protection at the official expense.
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