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PML-N gets 90, PML-Q bags 51 seats

By Shafqat Ali

ISLAMABAD: As the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is just a few days away from making a government in the centre, the Election Commission of Pakistan Thursday announced parties’ final strength with the reserved seats making the PPP the single largest party in the Lower House.With the addition of reserved seats, the PPP now has 120 seats, followed by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz which has 90 seats and Pakistan Muslim League-Q with 51 members. Earlier in the day, the PPP delayed the nomination of its candidate for the PM slot. The party is expected to nominate a candidate within couple of days.”These are the final results excluding the results that have been stayed by the courts or where re-polling has been ordered”, EC Secretary Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad told a news conference here. “Election Commission has successfully completed the election process and today’s segment was the last one”, he said.

“By now the commission has announced the results for 331 seats with seven in litigation, two terminated, one postponed and result on seats reserved for women was a tie”, he added. The statistics show that winning the major chunk from the seats reserved for women and non-Muslims in the lower House of the Parliament, PPP tally reaches to 120 with PML-N securing 90 seats and Pakistan Muslim-Q bagging 51. PPP has been the only party to secure century with PML-N just short of 10 and PML slight above the half century out of the result of 331 seats in a 342 members’ house.

Out of remaining 11 seats, the contest ended in a draw at one seat reserved for women in National Assembly (NWFP), on seven seats courts have issued stay order as election was terminated on two seats and postponed on one. Among other parties, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) secured 25 seats, Awami National Party (ANP) 13, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) six, PML-Functional 5, PPP-Sherpao, National People’s Party and Balochistan National Party (Awami) got one seat each. In total, 18 members-elect are still independent including 12 from the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (Fata).

He said official results for NA general seats were issued through a gazette notification on March 1 after complete scrutiny by the respective returning officers. He said successful independent candidates were given three days after the issuance of the gazette notification to inform the Election Commission if they were going to join any political party. “After inclusion of independent candidates in different political parties, per centum share was decided for each political party according to their respective number of seats in the Lower House of the Parliament”, he said.

Dilshad said seats reserved for women and minorities were allocated to candidates of the political parties in line with the priority lists provided by them on November 26. He said a contest for one NA seat reserved for women ended in a tie between Pakistan Muslim League and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal in NWFP where a draw would be held in presence of representatives of both political parties. He said a contest has also been ended in a tie between PML-Q and PML-F on a provincial seat reserved for minority in Sindh. Replying to a question, he said those who were elected on more than one general seats in National or provincial assemblies would have to take oath for any one seat within one month.

He said after oath-taking of all the successful candidates in the National and provincial assemblies, the Election Commission would announce schedule for the bye-elections. As many as 58 independent members-elect from National and provincial assemblies have joined different political parties.

According to the Election Commission, 11 MNAs-elect, 32 MPAs-elect from Punjab Assembly, 13 MPAs-elect from NWFP Assembly and two MPAs-elect from Balochistan Assembly have joined the political parties.

However, the commission has mentioned the constituencies of those who have joined any political party at the national as well as provincial level. The constituencies of the MNAs-elect who have joined political parties are NA-23, NA-71, NA-72, NA-73, NA-74, NA-79, NA-100, NA-116, NA-144, NA-189 and NA-267. The constituencies of the MPAs-elect from Punjab Assembly who have joined political parties are PP-16, PP-24, PP-30, PP-39, PP-40, PP-41, PP-42, PP-43, PP-44, PP-46, PP-48, PP-49, PP-50, PP-59, PP-73, PP-80, PP-81, PP-89, PP-115, PP-185, PP-192, PP-193, PP-209, PP-228, PP-238, PP-248, PP-250, PP-268, PP-269, PP-273, PP-274 and PP-284.

The constituencies of the MPAs-elect from NWFP Assembly who have joined the political parties are PF-15, PF-37, PF-40, PF-50, PF-51, PF-53, PF-61, PF-62, PF-63, PF-71, PF-74, PF-75 and PF-76.

The constituencies of the MPAs-elect from Balochistan Assembly who have joined the political parties are PB-18 and PB-36.

Meanwhile, the ECP on Thursday ordered that re-polling shall be held on March 13 at the polling stations No 93 and 102 of Constituency No PS-15 Jacobabad-III.

It may be mentioned here that ECP had directed on March 5 that re-polling should be done at Polling Stations No 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, 36, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 78, 81, 82, 88, 89, 92, 95 and 103. The Election Commission has directed that returning officer concerned shall personally supervise the polling process with adequate resources. The Sindh chief secretary has also been asked to make special security arrangements at the said polling stations so as to avoid any untoward incident.

According to the official results, PPP women candidates have won 12 seats from Punjab, PML-Q 7 seats, and PML-N 16 seats. NA results in Sindh have yielded PPPP 7 seats, PML-Q 1, MQM 5 and PML-F 1. In NWFP, PPPP won 3 seats, ANP 3, and PML-N has gained 1 seat. The results of Balochistan NA seats indicate that PPPP won 1 seat, PML-Q 1, and MMA 1 seat. While overall results on women and minority seats have yielded PPPP with 27, PML-Q 11, MQM 6, ANP 3, MMA 1, and PML-N 20.

On women and minority reserve seats for provincial assemblies PPPP won 19 seats in Punjab, PML-Q 16, PML-N 30, while PML-F won 1 seat. On reserve seats for minorities in Punjab, PPPP won 2, PML-Q 2, and PML-N 4 seats. In Sindh Assembly, 16 candidates of PPPP, PML-Q 2, MQM 9 while PML-F’s 5 candidates were successful on the women reserved seats while 3 candidates of MQM and 5 candidates of PPP secured reserved minorities seats.

In NWFP Assembly, PPP secured 6, PML-Q and PPP-S each won 1, ANP 9, PML-N 2 and MMA 3. On minorities’ reserved seats in NWFP, PPP secured 1 seat, ANP 1 and MMA 1. In the Balochistan, PPP secured 2 seats, PML-Q 1 and MMA 1.

Courtesy: The Post, 7/3/2008

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