May 162008

LAHORE: The British High Commission (BHC) on Thursday said the processing time for all visa applications was 15 working days. “The exceptions to this are settlement cases, which currently take up to 60 days to be processed”, the BHC said. The visa applications can be submitted online by visiting or submitted at one of the four UK Visa Application Centres in Lahore, Karachi, Mirpur and Islamabad.




Important advice about timeline for UK visa




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  1. I did applied for hsmp on 10 jan 2008, now after 5 months , still waiting for even the very initial stage.every time i call or email , they say, documents have been send to B.H.C. Although bia website says 95% of hsmp or tier1 application are decided withing 14 weeks but i know mine and several hundreds others are waiting for 6, 12 or even 24 months,yes i mean 1 or 2 years just for initial hsmp. and when we question them that why verfication from bhc are taking so long.. they reply that if u want us to take the decision without waiting for the enquiry then we will take decison ,saying that further verificaiton couldnt be done, thus refused. some polite hsmp caseworker says, if u ask us to take decision based on information that we have , then most likely the decision wouldnot be in your favour , so we are waiting for enquiry and we dont know how long it will take..few more months or few more is quite pathetic to put people ,specaily highly skill people in such waiting limboo..

    • Dear SAJ ALI
      Please say what is your present state of the application ? Have you got your application processed. So what is the outcome. Me waiting for the last three months as I have submitted my passports for Entry Clearance. There is no NEWS from the BHC despite sending them many e-mails.

  2. i need phone number of lahore visa centre of British embessy beacuse i want apply for visit visa for uk

    • Contact Us

      UK Visa Applications Centres in Pakistan

      Gerry’s International offers visa applications facility in collaboration with the British High Commission, Islamabad.
      Plot# 14- Sadiq Plaza
      G-9 Markaz

      Location Map
      43/1/D, Razi road PECHS,
      Shahrah-e- Faisal

      Location Map

      Nua Mahaal Plaza
      Defence Road, Near Football square

      Location Map
      20, Ex American centre building,
      Opp Ganga Ram hospital.Queens Road

      Location Map

      Opening Hours


      Mondays – Fridays: 0800 hrs to 1300 hrs


      Mondays – Fridays: 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs
      Email at :
      Call Centre

      For all enquiries please call our call centre numbers below

      For PTCL land lines: 090010411

      All mobile providers dial short code: 8865

      IMPORTANT: Please note that these are premium numbers and you will be charged at the rate of PKR 10 per minute

  3. Dear sir/Madam

    I am Adnan Khan from Mardan .It is to be stated with humbale that my appeal has been allowed on 18 august 2008 in AIT uk.And still i did not get any response about the call latter from AIT BHC islamabad. Please infrom me in this regard as soon as posible

    • Dear Adnan,

      I have also won the appeal in london court and got the letter on 3rd October but did not get the visa stamp on my passport yet. So if you hear anything from BHC Islamabad then please inform me because all I am hearing here from people that they are waiting from months for the visa.

      It is realy shocked for me since my wife is here in Pakistan and going back to London this time again alone on 16th January as she already had stayed here for 2 months.

      My email adress is

      Thanks in advance

  4. dear sir medom
    my name is suliman shah i wanna meet my best friend who is living in uk london for 8 years i didnot meet him for somthing 8 years i have completed my formalities so now i need a 6 monthes visit visa i need ur help please think about me replay me as soon as posible thanks

  5. Hi,
    I am planning to apply on Tier1 from Pakistan. I want to know who conversion rate for funds is applied? So far I’ve found three different opinions about it:
    1- Conversion rate for funds is declared by consular. (I’m not sure who is this consular and how can I contact him/her)
    2- Conversion rate at the date of application is used to compare maintainance funds with 2800GBP.
    3- Conversion rate on the date when visa casewotker assesses the application is used to compare maintainance funds with 2800GBP.

    Please clearify.

  6. plz help my niece needs a visa her mother is dying in th uk of caancer with little time left help?

  7. I am from London, can anyone please tell me the phone number of Fedex UK Visa center Lahore and what is the procedure to take an appointment to submitt an application.


    • if u r calling from london u need to call this number for all you enquries a or make an appointment oo9251209899.

  8. Hello Sir/Madam
    I am Masood Iqbal, Lecturer Governament degree college Hasilpur(Bahawal pur)I want to apply visit visa for UK.I want to know how many days ago I can get appointment from VAC,s

  9. DEAR SIR,

  10. i think you seriously lack in self esteem, you are begging for a job, bhc will consider job applicants on merits.
    may Allah (SWT) help you!!!

  11. Dear sir/Madam

    I have some querries.

    Is IELTS is must for student visa?
    Can i submitt my documents for visa without IELTS?

    Hazrat Noor Khattak

  12. hello iam rafiq i submite my case in lahor up to now i didnt recive any messge i was already submite in lahore for uk visa
    bye its a bout one month

  13. Dear sir/Madam
    I am Mr. Talal i submit my student visa application in kararchi V.A.C on 12 november 2008 i didnt recieve any messege or letter from “British High Commision” islamabad please infrom me in this regard as soon as posible.

  14. I am Mr. MUHAMMAD FAROOQ i submit my student visa application in Lahore V.A.C on 11 november 2008 i didnt recieve any messege or letter from V.A.C Lahore please infrom me in this regard as soon as posible.

  15. Dear Sir
    lahore fedex will close in Eid holidays up
    which date
    thanks form u r help

  16. Gerry services are messed up. Phone number does not work, no one pick it up. You have to pay once you are in center to make an appointment around Rs 500-1000 or there is no hope. Corruption would not go unless people change themself but Someone please atleast sort out this Phone problem! Chears

  17. .
    Can anyone please tell me that now what to do as I have got my settelment visa confermation letter from London Court and also I got an email from BHC Islamabad Appeal section about confermation that they have got my papers from Home Office on 28th October, So I want to know that why they are taking now som much time to send me a letter for the visa. How long wait we need to do more now. My wife has come back from London a month before and her return is 14th Jan 2009. We realy want to go together. Please tell me if anyone know that how much time it is gonna take. Thanks

    • Salam Imran,

      Wish u best of \Luck in ur future i have also got my uk visa confarmation in 27 OCT 08.But still have no reply from BHC ISB. if u know how to inquiry about plzz inform me.

  18. Dear Sir are Madam
    Its me Atiqullah faqirzai

    Sir my Sister Submited her Application in lahore
    uk Visa Center on Oct24/2008 Sir i call to lahore
    Uk Visa Center couple of days the lahore uk Vis
    Center Opreater Saying that ur Visa is Came but
    wiat will call u in couple of days but, Sir its is
    is settlement Visa Sir i check Her passport Status
    on Website the Realpay that u r Application is
    Returned On Nov 20 /2008 u Can collect where u
    Submited Application but sir we havent Received
    any call are email from lahore uk Visa center
    if they call us As soon As possible that be ur
    u r sicerely
    Atiqullah faqirzai)

  19. slam

  20. my dear i submit my appeal application at 4 december 2008 and my course will start at 12 jan.2009 so dear i have very short time please help me

  21. Dear sir/maddam i submitted my astudent visa application in V.A.C karachi on 12 nov 2008.thay said working days are 10 to 15.but now 35 days ago i still not recieve any messege/letter from B.H.C. please inform me as soon as possible.

    Ref no: khi/121108/031200/1
    D.O.B: 03/april/1993.

  22. I dont know if you guys are crazy or what, No one here can help you with the visas, appointments or whatever you ask. You might find some contact details above to ring someone suitable for your querry otherwise you are waisting time writting essay here and a big essay goes to MR Kamran Ashraf!lol

  23. Sir kindly tell me regarding the processing time for student visas as my application is pending at BHC since Nov. 21

  24. dear sir,
    i am Muhammad asifi already got two time uk visa 6 month and 2 year now my visa is going to expire next month now ineed some information that i have 28 day left in visa expire can i travel for one week on this visa if i can travel can i extend it from uk if i m apply from pakistn then i have to sumbmit suporting dacument and statment or i can submit only passport and application plz guide me thanks

  25. dear sir ,
    kindly tell the student visa processing time. my application is pending.. submited on 19 dec 08.

  26. The Addresses of Gerry’s/FedEx:

    GERRY’S / FEDEX Locations
    UAN: 111-811-111

    O # 2, Shahbaz Plaza, Aabpara Market,
    TEL: 051-111-711-111
    Fax: 051-2653424
    Office #36-38, Hamza Plaza,
    University Road,
    Tel: 091-5705637-38

    Mirpur (Azad Kashmir)
    Rasheed Plaza-Secrot F1
    Kotli Road. (Opposite Government Girl High School)
    Mirpur-Azad Kashmir
    Tel: (058610) 52037-40
    Lahore (Regional Office)
    58, A-II, Ghalib Market, Gulberg III
    Tel: 042-111-711-111
    Fax: 042-5750400

    Opposite ABL, Paris Road
    Tel: 0432-111-711-111
    574-B, Satiana Road
    People’s Colony, Faisalabad
    Tel: 041-111-711-111

    Hotel Sindbad,
    Nishter Chowk, Multan
    Tel: 061-111-711-111
    Shop 6-B/C, Trust Plaza,
    G.T. Road, Gujranwala
    Tel: 0431-253878

    Karachi (Corporate Office)
    43/1/D, Razi Road, Block 6,
    PECHS, Karachi
    Tel: UAN: 021-111-711-111
    Shop No. S-9, Swiss Plaza,
    M. A. Jinnah Road, Quetta
    Tel: 0300-9381051

    Shop # 1, Defence Plaza,
    Fatima Jinnah Road, Thandi Sarak
    Tel: 0221-781368 )

  27. Hi.

  28. Hi to all those people who are waiting a response from BHC.

    I have waited nearly 2 and a half years in total since my husband 1st made the application in March 2007.

    Won the appeal in london 1st time and was very happy. a month later the respondent had ordered a reconsideration and therefore another 1 yr wait 4 that. Alhumdolillah won 2nd appeal on 10/09/08. yep over 4 months now…. Finally after emailing every week finally have got through… He received a phone to make appointment with Gerry Fedex to re-submit passports…. But they do not answer… Overseas— i tried all those numbers and numbers from website and also number 0512098999… stil no luck.

    WHAT SHALL I DO? 4 all my fellow friends who are having to apart from their loved ones… Totally understand your pain. MY ADVISE plz plz plz do not just sit and wait… do something.




    and if it has been too long email BHC complain…

    I will be happy to help anyone with info… because if i had not of done what i did… i would have to wait anova 1 year or so…

    Regards all…

  29. Dear Sairah,

    I was wondering how long did it take you to hear from the BHC after first submitting the appeal forms. Secondly, did you take a lawyer to the hearing ?


  30. Hi SMN

    yes i did appoint a lawyer. I made appeal (through solicitors) on 26 july 2007 and then i had no response until 9th december 2007 *5months and it was a letter from AIT London to give me a hearing date of 5th February 2008. So time from appeal to hearing date is 7-8 months. Then the appeal was allowed in a further 3 weeks. But unfortunately islamabad BHC objected again and appealed against AIT Judges decision!!! I have been waiting longer since then!!!! Another 6 months for a hearing date and appeal allowed yet again. But asaadly i have been waiting sib=nce of 10 september sinc

  31. I am sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out… Do you mind saying y they were rejecting ur visa? Did they jsut overlook ur evidence ? I am currently waiting myself for the ECO decision after appeal.. Lets see inshallah ..


  32. It is truly heartbreaking to see BHC taking so much time to process the visa applications. It’s been more than a month since I submitted my student visa application. Now the best part of it; I am ought to start the University on 2nd of February and I am still rambling incoherently. Im not protesting or anything but my frustration speaks for it self. It’s thursday, 29th of January and my course begins on coming Monday. All I need to know is the decision so I could start preparing and get finished with different things. Anyway, I did not receive any concrete reply from the Visa Center, either. It took the German Embassy 13 days (including the weekends) to send me my stamped passport, just last April. I don’t really know what BHC is up to. Is this too much load or anything?
    Anyway, I have a genuine case and im pretty hopeful.

  33. i have applied for student defendent visa on 12november 2008 but uptill now i recive no message call or mail from Bhc lahore where i have submit it
    please please please help me
    what i should do

    pasport no ak1279161

  34. i have applied for student defendent visa on 12november 2008 but uptill now i recive no message call or mail from Bhc lahore where i have submit it
    please please please help me
    what i should do

    pasport no ak1279161

  35. I have submitted my visa application on 4thDec08 in Lahore Pakistan. But still my application is in process. My classes are starting in London Metropolitan University on 2ndFeb08 i.e. today. I have also faxed and emailed visa office Abu Dubai many times but still there is no result. There are nearly 2 months now since I have submitted my application. However the normal processing time is 15 to 20 days. If I wouldn’t be able to get visa in a few days time than my whole semsester will be lost and also I have already paid half of the university fee.

    Please help me in this regard as i am very worried and already very late.

    Passport # BH1341891

  36. I have innitiated my apeal for study visa in UK on November, 2008. How long would it take to the reply?

  37. sir
    how we check the passport status online through website kindly ,send me the links on my e-mail adress

  38. sir

    my father has invited his nephew for italian visit visa.. actually my mum is ill and she cant travel..when she was in pakistan my cousin lived with my mum and he is very much attached with her.. my father has invited..i would like to have an information much is long visit visa process??? thanks sir

  39. Customer Services & Feedback

    There is a Customer Service team at each Application Centre which handles all the VISA procedure queries, Application status and passport tracking. If you have queries or status tracking enquiry, you should mark it to the attention of the Customer Service Team.

    Customer Service – Islamabad
    Call center Telephone Number:+9290010411 (PTCL lines)

    Customer Service – Mirpur
    Call center Telephone Number:+9290010411 (PTCL lines)

    Customer Service – Lahore
    Call center Telephone Number:+9290010411 (PTCL lines)

    Customer Service – Karachi
    Call center Telephone Number:+9290010411 (PTCL lines)

    UK VISA Application center aims to provide an efficient service to our Applicants. If you have complaints, feedback or suggestions; we would like to know about it as soon as possible. We shall acknowledge promptly and ensure a comprehensive and timely redress of your voice to the best of our ability. We will take your complaints/ suggestions and feedback seriously and will revert to you within 2 working days. If we cannot give you a complete reply within the stipulated timeframe then we will keep you posted on the tentative date and time of revert and the status of progress.

    Duty Manager – Islamabad

    Duty Manager – Mirpur

    Duty Manager – Lahore

    Duty Manager – Karachi

    Customer Feedback Form

  40. What is meant by Islamabad OC? What is OC?

    Much Appreciated

    I think it means Overseas Consulate (Moderator)

  41. Hi
    Pls , Can some tell me waht does mean by islamabad OC. and what shall i do now coz my wife’s application there and time is over no
    thank u
    z, iqbal

  42. Hello There,
    I am working in the UK and on 26th Nov 2008 I have applied for me wife as dependent of Tier 1 migrant General from karachi VAC. Previously the tracking system was giving me message that Application forwarded to Briitish Commission on 26th Nov but from yesterday the message is changed and says that “Application forwarded to Islamabad OC”. Will any one please tell me that what does this mean and what shall i expect. Did they process my application or shall its pending.
    I knew one thing about my application that its processed in Abudhabi because the Islamabad Embassy confirmed this by tracking my application.
    If anyone knows something about it will be really appreciated about your help.

    Thanks and best Regards

  43. my husband has applied for italian visit visa.. we ve sent him an invitation..we prepared all documents required..helth insurace bank guarantee bank statements etc… can someone tell me how long would it take to the reply????? thxxx

  44. Once again I would request the visiting friends to help each other by sharing the information they have, because personally I do not have enough knowledge about the formalities of visa process. Many friends want to know; what does Islamabad OC mean? I guess it means Islamabad Overseas consulate, if any friend knows exactly what it means, kindly share it with us.
    Best regards and good luck to every body.

  45. i also hav applied from 14th Jan but no reply

  46. Hi Everybody

    In response to the meaning of Islamabad OC, I have reasons to believe it stands for Islamabad Observation and Control centre…..not sure what that is but this is what I have been told by Gerrys. If anyone knows exactly please share as I am also awaiting from my passport to get back!


  47. what means of application forwods islamabad oc on

  48. what means of application forword islamabad oc on

  49. Asif
    If you read above comments from Mr saad, it means that your application has been sent to Islamabad Observation and Control Centre for further processing.

  50. Islamabad OC means Observation center

  51. what happened when Application Forwarded to Islamabad OC on and what doest that mean
    (islamabad OC on)

  52. Good Morning
    I have applied for 6Month Visit Visa on 31/12/08 and I have not heard from BHC yet. Can you tell me how many takes are being taken to process an application?
    Is OC a good or bad sign for applicants?
    God Bless You

  53. I submitted my student visa application on 15 january. My course start date is 2nd February but my university has described in the offer letter that I can join the course untill 20th february. can anybody tell me if the visa officer considers the start date of the course or the extended date which is 20th of February. I have not received my passport from the BHC Islamabad. I am worried about the decision as the start date has already passed and the visa officer may decide that the course is already started.
    Cany anybody help about these dated and the mindset of the visa officer about these dates.

  54. Dear! Look at my pitiable condition,plz.
    i applied for UK student visa in january 2007, but it was frefused, then i appealed which was won, after winning the appeal i depoisted my passport on the wish of BHC Islamabad but they did not issue me visa, then thrice i depoisted my passport again it was refused saying resubmit the passport. should i apply for the fourth time, will they give me the visa? i’m very depressed that two years have passed but no visa for me/ Plz help me..

  55. Sir

    I got a letter from BHC few days before for my visa, I got an appointment from Lahore fedex. But I forgot to ask them the adress of fedex office in Lahore. Can you plz give me the adress of Fedex office in Lahore.

    My appointment is for 19th Feb 2009

    My email adress is

  56. Lahore Regional Office
    58, A/II, Ghalib Market Gulberg III Lahore
    Tel: 111-811-111 (Visa Services)

    (for general inquires/comments/complaints etc)


    • Malik Asif sahib
      I am sorry to disappoint you but please keep in mind that this is news site meant for providing information to overseas friends. We do not have any affiliation with UK visa process and it is not possible for us to respond to visa enquiries. I try my best to provide information where it is possible but I do not have adequate knowledge about UK visa system. All the visitors must try to help each other by providing useful advice.
      Good luck to every body

  58. Dear overseas,
    you gave me wrong adress but thanks God still I was not late for my appointment, The office of fedex for to submitt passports in lahor is on Ganga Ram hosital road . Thanks

    well I dnt think if it is a good idea to post their office right adress because it is realy secret. Well first of all i would like to tell you that there was no sign bored for anything and there were very much securty.
    And I think they only tell that adress to the people these are realy applicatent so if anyone ask you their adress in Lahore tell them to talk on help line.
    Good to keep that secret from all others. I hope you can understand what I ment.

  59. What non-sense is this.

  60. @All,
    The link for tracking passport is
    Though it has some problem since evening today. The other link
    is updated later on.
    Lahore VAC is really taking time to deliver passports, how many people frm isd/lhr/kchi are still waiting..?

  61. hello to all.
    its gillani from lahore pakistan.
    i apply for student visa on 20 july 2007 but my application was rejected by the ECO.i appeal against the determination which also dismissed by the honourable judge on 29 jan 2008.but a write of reappeal was given.i took that advantage and at last after a long struggle my appeal was approve by senior immigration judge on 09 july 2008.but now even after lapse of 7 months i have not got any direction from embassy to submit my passport to stamp visa.i have sent so many emails and fax to islamabad high commission but all in vane i did’nt get any response for that waht should i do in that scenario where i almost have wasted a year or so in waiting for visa kindly someone guide me i am too worried.your reply would be higly email ID is

  62. @Gillani,
    On which address u sent emails to British embassy..? I’ve seen they reply within 3-4 days. Have you tried to contact them on phone also..?

  63. I applied for student visa on 2nd jan 2009 but no responce till date…. i don’t know what these idots are doing with my application

  64. I had an appealed against my refusal case. By the grace of god my appeal has success and I got calling letter from British high Commission. I submit my application on 6 March 2009 , according to with all requirement which they mentioned in calling letter.

    I want to know just processing time of appealed. Sir visa application center Karachi did not take my passport size picture or even they did not scanning my eyes and finger prints. They said your scanning and finger print all ready done. Sir tell me about this.

    Thanks in Advanced.


  65. dear sir or madam
    I am Mohammad Basher i want information how can i get the student visa because i want to proceed my education in college in Uk and i want that i make a software engineer in future please show me the good way that i get the visa

  66. Hi Every one,
    First of all i would like to congradulate who ever started this bolg, it really helpful, just by chance a search on the web brings this web site, good work keep it up.

    I am going to apply under Tier 2 next week, just waiting for the sposorship letter, can any one tell me what is the processing time these days from BHC(British High Comission). is it still 15 working days or they have changed it ?

  67. Dear M Sohail sahib
    Thanks for the encouraging words.
    Unfortunately I do not have much information about UK visa processes. I am not aware of any change in the time line but I think it normally takes much more than 2 weeks. I hope someone else having better knowledge will respond further.
    Best regards

  68. I applied for student visa on 11 feb in lhr but till now no response.When i applied the person holds my application told me that it would take 15 working days.But now more than month passed but no reply.I email 1st to lahore visa inquiry centre they said me to email islamabad inquiry centre and then they said me to email abu dhabi embassy or fax cuz my application is there in abu dhabi embassy.and i email but no reply.i today fax them see they would reply or not.Can u comment me on this or give me some information that why my application is taking too much time in abu dhabi embassy and why it is there in abu dhabi??

  69. hi there!!
    i do have similar case to sairah therefore need assistance of sairah …kindly plz do provide me ur contact number so i can contact u and talk to u abt my case.
    hope to c ur reply soon sairah!!

  70. I hav tried alot of times to call the VAC via mobile and get an appointments but everytime i get lost in it…
    PLZ IF ANY1 can tell me the exact procedure to get an appintment when u call VAC via mobile..

    and if i call today, when ll i get the appintment, i mean after how mnay days…
    my personal email add is

    PLZ PLZ help me out in this regard. i hav completed all requirements for TIER 1 visa, just need an appointment to submit the visa…

    i will be REALLY REALLY OBLIGED, if any1 helps me out. u can send mail on my personal add

  71. Time frame
    For non-settlement applicants applying in Lahore and Karachi only:
    Non Settlement applications are normally processed within 15 working days. However, due to significant operational contraints, processing times for applications lodged in Lahore and Karachi are currently in excess of 30 working days. We apologise for this delay, and will endeavour to reduce those waiting times as soon as possible.

  72. How do I apply?

    Anyone wishing to apply for a UK visa or seeking to re-submit their passport following an allowed appeal , should contact our call-centre (0900 10411 from a landline or 8865 from a mobile) in order to make an appointment at their nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC). Access to VACs is strictly by appointment only. .Anyone arriving without an appointment will be turned away.

  73. But its 32 working days passed.Still no reply.Kindly suggest me what can i do about it.Thanks.

  74. Aslama Alikum
    Mostrespectfully sir,
    My brother Farhar ali submitted application for family visit UK on dated 20-01-09 and application No LHE/200109/069434/1 and date of Birth 08-11-1978.
    his application status is application forword to islamabad oc on what is the meaning of OC,
    Sir i already send mail but you dont reply me Please sir Reply me if you have time only 5 mint
    best regarded
    Imran ali

  75. Dear Imran
    As mentioned above, most probably “OC “stands for Islamabad Observation and Control Center. Normally Islamabad High Commission sends applications to Abu Dhabi for further processing (perhaps due to the shortage of manpower in Islamabad), which is where this status is shown. When the status shows “forwarded to Islamabad OC” it means it is under process and very soon you may get your application approved.
    Please note that I am not an expert in these matters and the above information is based on my personnel research, which could be wrong.
    Best regards and good luck

  76. Tania.What sense u need.Kutch chahiay to btao mjay

  77. i,ve lodged settlement appeal after refusal n i,ve got ait 11 n i think that ait is very very slow in processing of appeal should get faster n more modern than usual

  78. Hi,
    Dear Ambrin I am in the same boat as you and would like to know if you have heard anything with regards to your student defendant visa? I applied in January 09 and still not heard anything!


  79. Respected Staff
    I applied for the student visa under the point based system. My application date was 07/04/2009. In Lahore i submitted the documents . Visa application center officers told me that application will be processed in 15 working days but still at 01/05/2009 there is no reply. Cn you tell me how long a normal application take to process and what is the reson that application has no reply within the given time

  80. Dear sir
    I want to know that i have submit my application in 20 jan 2009,in uk embassy.But still my status is not appearing.So many times i hav called British Embassy ,they said your application is still in process,but i m much worried about my original documents bcoz they hav.I think British embassy should responsible for this,why they don’t making the plz tell me what r the updates in UK Embassy Islamabad about the waiting coustomers.thanks reply me on my E-mail id

  81. Dear Umair
    Please tell me what was your type of visa you applied for? And please check the departements or organization which issue you the documents that if they receive any call from british embassy for verification purposes and what was the date of that call.

  82. Hi,
    Can any one tell me how long does it take from BHC to return passport.?? If u r an applicant who has won the appeal and got the Call in letter..

    please help me out i am really tensed.waitign for E mails

  83. My email address is

  84. Hi

    I won an Appeal by 12th jan 2009 and did not get my calling letter from Islamabad.

    Appeal no: OA/43606/2008

    Syed Ghazi Imam Ali
    D.OB: 01/09/1983

    I emailed them many times at visqry and appeals.islamabad but still waiting for their repsponce.

    Kindly guid eme how i receive my letter

  85. @Syed.

    mail them regularly at

    tell them your whole details.

    My email add

  86. Thanks a lot Saqlain……….

    I email them…. lets hope to get a reply.I have added u in hotmail as well.. if i need any other quiery i let you know………..

  87. @ syed..

    No problem Brother…What ever i can help
    i can help every one out..
    if ne queries dont hesitate to contact me
    i will do my best to help you as much as i can

    contact me at

  88. Listen!
    i see a lot of crazy ppls here writing request applications, Begging for visa… THIS IS NOT AN EMBASSY OFFICIAL WEBSITE… please try to understand.. no one from uk embassy’s staff will read this.. NO ONE AT ALL

    No one will listen you here so its useless to post your passport numbers and application reference numbers.


  89. Hi

    This is is a very helpful page, for people to express there experiences in relation to visa’s. I wondered if anyone has any exeperince to appeal visit visa’s to UK, we lodged a passport with calling letter at lahore on 9th April not heard back, have emailed and called many, only response is ‘still in process’

    ** Pakistani: I agree with with your comments in relation to people posting there passport numbers etc.

  90. Hi Raheem

    Do these timelines apply for visit appeal cases?

  91. Hello
    I applied at a UK university and got admission there. I have already paid half of my course fee. I haven’t applied for a visa yet but the problem is that I don’t want to go to the UK because I got a better offer from the US. My family keeps insisting that I go to the UK instead of US because the fees have already been paid. It seems that the only way out is to somehow get my UK visa application rejected. Can anyone please tell me how can I get my application rejected without letting my family know that I did it deliberately? Can someone also tell me that what kind of a reason is given on a visa rejection letter (Is it a general reason or a specific one)? An example would be deeply appreciated!
    After all the Ivy League is much better than LSE.

  92. British Citizen sahib
    I wish I could answer your question but unfortunately I do not know much about appeals and visas. I hope someone else will reply to your question.

  93. I am suppose to visit England from 5 to 22 June to cover ICC World Twenty20, a cricket tournament scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom in June 2009. For which I have been granted media accreditation as well approval by the home cricket boards both England and Pakistan.

    But, ‘Lahore visa office’ is giving atleast 2 months time to submit visa application which is intersecting the event days.

    Please, advise the possibility to obtain England visa.

  94. can any one say to me. how lang does it takes UK settelment visa. my husband left me alone .he thinks he can not bring me to UK . if he can not get visa this year , my family will marry me to other man.
    if my husband could not mannage to get visa .
    he will lose me forever.

    because my dad has waited 2years for my husband. he alwayes promiss to get visa. since 2006 he is busy with visa , applications.
    at the end of the june my marrigement would be with other man.than my husband.

  95. @karima
    Poster is already in UK
    (IP: ,

  96. i need nomber of
    uk embasy

  97. i need the nomber of uk embasy

  98. uk embasy nomber

  99. British High Commission
    Diplomatic Enclave
    Ramna 5
    P O Box 1122

    Main switchboard: 00 92 51 201 2000

    Fax: 00 92 51 201 2031 (Trade and Investment Fax)
    00 92 51 201 2028 (Management Section Fax)
    00 92 51 220 6069 (Visa Section Fax)
    00 92 51 227 9355 (Visa Section Fax)
    00 92 51 201 2043 (Press & Public Affairs Fax)
    00 92 51 201 2019 (Consular Section Fax)








    Office hours:GMT:
    Mon-Thurs: 0300-1115; Fri: 0300-0800
    Local Time:
    Mon-Thurs: 0800-1615; Fri: 0800-1300

  100. hi this is Zulkarnane Riaz i want to know about u experienced people that i have applied for uk tier4 on 30april 2009 and the embassy also verified my account from the bank now today is 31may and i got no reply from the embassay as well as from gerry and also my status in vacpk website is application forwarded to islamabad oc on
    now can any one help me regarding this satuation
    my email address is
    thanks 4 ur help
    thank u very much in advanced and i wll b waiting for u people reply,

  101. Dear zulkarnane
    we applyied on 18 appril for two poeple uk visa
    one of us recived her visa wethin 20 days and the other one not yet. her status is on the vcpk website is application forwarded to islambad OC .
    if you live in pakistan you can call them .
    my sister has got her UK settelment Visa wethin 20dayes.and I myself have not heard anything about it.I send an email i got no answer. it best way is to call uk visa application center.
    i will be waiting for ur reaction.
    call the place where you had submit ur appications.

  102. hi to all,

    i submitted my passport after call in letter on 23april but still waiting i sent mail visqry2 and they informed me that my case is with casework section . what time more it will take? plz guide me

  103. Kamal sahib
    These delays are caused by visa issuing authorities; we are not in a position to help.

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